Why is modular better?
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In rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa the lack of electricity makes for very high costs of lighting and mobile phone charging. So...

...Investing in a domestic solar power system saves money, and pays for itself quickly. But...

...Unfortunately most households can’t afford the upfront cost, and access to credit is limited.

Solar lanterns are cheap, but many aspire to grow beyond a small cone of light.

Many aspire for the power to grow.

A modular solar power system allows you to start off with a very small purchase of a single module.

In later months – or years – you can add more modules to your system; growing it bit-by-bit. It's "buy-as-you-go".

Larger systems can run increasingly power-hungry appliances, like radios, bright lights, Hi-Fi, fridges and TVs.

This modular strategy to growth is nothing new. It’s how many people here build their homes.

As long as the price of each module isn’t much higher than an equivalent solar lantern, choosing a modular system makes sense.

The io™ solar power system we have developed is the only affordable modular solar power system currently on the market. Come and see how it works:

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