Overview of the io™ System
Each io™ module can be stacked together to combine solar power and battery energy.

Every io™ module has a 3-pin stacking connector that allows it to be "stacked" on-top of other io™ modules. When two or more io modules are stacked together they:

1. Share solar power, so that any single module can absorb power from all the solar panels connected to the entire stack.
2. Share battery energy, so that any single module can drain energy from all of the batteries connected to the entire stack.

When these modules are in a stack, they cease to behave as individual systems, and start to behave a single, seamless system. The upshot of this is that it's now possible for users to invest in a full-size solar home system, whilst only having to buy small affordable modules one at a time. We call it "buy-as-you-go". This provides a more scalable alternative to consumer financing of any sort (including pay-as-you-go), because it requires no financial support network to roll-out these systems across a large population.

"We want to help our customers buy full-size solar power systems, and with the io™ system there's no longer any need to worry about up-front cost. We don't need to chase up loan repayments, or wait for a microfinance institution to be established in our villages. Thanks to the io™ system, users always own 100% of the system in their possession, whilst still having the flexibility to grow it as their own budget allows.

io™ solar distributor, 2015