The io™ Battery 100 Set
A low-cost module designed for households looking to invest in their first lighting system.

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Battery 100 - Bottom_new


Download instruction manual and warranty terms here.


Module name:

Battery 100 Set

Solar panel:

Monocrystalline silicon, 3W power, aluminium frame


LiFePO4, 10W.h capacity


- Two ceiling lights in each kit
- Each provide 80 lumens of "brightness" (i.e. equivalent to 80 candles!)
- Each last 4-5 hours per day's charge (8-10 hours if only one is switched on)
- Standard E27 screw bulbs to easily change brightness or colour
- Cable of 5m length
- Battery-life-remaining indicator
- On/off switch is forked off the cable for more convenient locating

Solar controller:

- Maximum power point tracking
- Current-controlled & voltage-controlled charging
- Advanced lithium cell balancing
- Battery deep discharge protection
- Battery short circuit/over-current protection
- High temperature shut-off
- Conformal-coated circuit board for max. protection against humidity and dust