About Shamba Technologies Ltd

The io™  products shown on this website are designed and manufactured by the social enterprise Shamba Technologies Ltd.

Shamba Technologies was founded in 2009 to create affordable products that improve energy access in rural households of Sub-Saharan Africa. The io™  solar power system was born from the company’s early work in small-scale biogas in Tanzania, for which the “Young Engineer of the Year” prize was awarded in 2010 by the Society of Environmental Engineers (UK).

Work on creating a modular solar power system began in early 2011, with many early field trials in Tanzania helping to properly inform the design process. During this time the following design objectives were defined, to specify what Shamba Technologies believed a truly modular solar power system should be:


The three core io modular solar design principles:
1. Each module in a connected system shall share both solar power and battery energy with all other modules.
2. Any module may be sold at a similar price as “non-modular” comparable solar power products already available on the market.
3. The purchase of a household’s first module shall not require the purchase of an initial “hub” or “base”, that would create a barrier to entry.


Many iterations of the product were required to develop a prototype that met the needs of households whilst still keeping a minimal production cost. In collaboration with Sebastian Conran Associates, who created the products' sleek design, Shamba Technologies was able to engineer a solution that met all these requirements. In 2014 the company pitched a successful fundraising campaign on the crowd-equity platform Crowdcube and, after a successful test batch in summer 2015, finished the production of their first commercial batch in early 2016. The company’s focus today is to continue the production and sale of the Battery 100 Set and the Starter Set, and to finish the testing of new additions to the io™ product range, which should be ready for launch later in 2016.